Thinking big with small pieces: After the Pedestal at The Sculpture Center

Beth Lindenberger, "Clear Divide," ceramic and ground brick.

“After the Pedestal” is the Sculpture Center’s tenth exhibition of smaller works. How small? Not small enough to be distracting. This isn’t a competition to see who can make the smallest recognizable image, or to cram the most detail into a compressed space. But even the largest pieces could be carried by one person (save perhaps Mark Rubelowsky’s aptly-named “Table.” […]

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Giancarlo Calicchia at Tregoning & Co: Re-Imagining the Scale and Power of Ancient Mysteries

Invitation, by Giancarlo Calicchia (detail)

  In the Odyssey, the Greek word used to describe the wily hero Odysseus is “polutropon” – many-sided, multivalent.  It might also serve as an epithet for the sculptor Giancarlo Calicchia, a man accomplished in a variety of disciplines, whose unique imagery and personal symbols  chip and twist through time, reimagining the scale and power of ancient mysteries.  Calicchia’s sculptures […]

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Emoh: Backward Home Numbers

Loren Naji with Emoh, on the occasion of his bon-voyage party at Prosperity Social Club in Tremont

By now, thanks to USA today and multiple other news outlets, tens of thousands of people across the country have read that Loren Naji’s “Emoh” is named for the word “home” spelled backwards. And they know Naji’s intent by living for a few weeks in his eight-foot sphere–cobbled together with debris collected from abandoned homes in Cleveland and Detroit– is to […]

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