The Invisible Man: William Robinson


  This is adapted from a letter from Henry Adams, nominating William Robinson for the Cleveland Arts Prize. When there’s a great exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art, not many people stop to think about who was responsible for creating it, or about the challenges of making it happen.  The key visionary and impresario behind a great many of […]

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Creativity Matters: Grafton Nunes and the New Unified Campus of the Cleveland Institute of Art


“Our values today are not very different from the values of  Viktor Schreckengost.  We believe in discipline, a close reading of the reality around you, a connection with the viewer and end user.  We give our students traditional drawing skills, and knowledge of color theory, composition, and perspective.  Today these very important foundational skills are being applied to 3D animation, […]

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Peter van Dijk, FAIA, Architect 1969 CLEVELAND ARTS PRIZE RECIPIENT FOR ARCHITECTURE will be the 2016 Cleveland Arts Prize Special Honoree


Few figures have so profoundly shaped Cleveland—and done so for the better—as Peter van Dijk. The architect designed some of the best buildings in the region, including the Blossom Music Center; has played a major role in historic restoration; and for decades has quietly played an active and positive role in civic design and planning, and arts activities of all […]

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Looking Forward: The Art History of Cleveland’s Future

Frank Wilcox, "Shipping, Dordrecht, 1914," pencil and watercolor on paper. Gift of Henry Adams to ARTneo, in honor of Joan Brickley.

As noted in a previous issue of CAN, ARTneo—which could colloquially be described as the Museum of Northeast Ohio art—has recently been through significant changes in its staff, board, and even its location. At its 2015 benefit, the organization recognized the contributions of scholar, curator, and professor Henry Adams, who has written extensively on American art, including  art of Northeast […]

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Our Art Theater: The Cleveland Playhouse and the Visual Arts, 1915-1924


This Fall, Cleveland begins a yearlong celebration commemorating the 100th anniversary of its much beloved regional theater, The Cleveland Play House. Participating in this landmark event, 78th Street Studios and ARTneo will exhibit art, posters, programs and sundry ephemera from the Play House’s earliest years. In 1915 a group of Cleveland men and women formed the Play House Company for […]

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