Spencer Tunick and the RNC: Slacking in Cleveland?

Spencer Tunick's 2004 photo in Cleveland

The Plain Dealer’s editorial board generally doesn’t weigh in on the subject of art, unless the cigarette tax is on the ballot, or unless one of the neighborhoods revitalized by arts activity has some significant moment. And even in those cases, they tend to avoid taking up the art itself, preferring instead the discussion of economic impact. They don’t fancy […]

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So Sweet / Dana Oldfather at Zg Gallery

Dana Oldfather, Installation view

It’s always a thrill to see Cleveland’s best artists pursuing national careers. Over the past several years the abstract paintings of a homegrown favorite, Dana Oldfather, have been snapped up by private collectors and public venues from Philadelphia to Las Vegas. Now one of Chicago’s sharpest galleries has joined the list. From May 5 through July 2, Zg Gallery opened […]

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Northern Exposure


Among the most adventurous things an artist from Cleveland can do is join the joyous printmakers’ haven called Zygote Press, then apply for one of the exchange residencies that Zygote sponsors in far-flung places.  Zygote’s Ohio Arts Council-funded exchange with Dresden, Germany (the longest-running international residency in the state) is one possibility. Another is the chance to be an ambassador […]

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Test Pattern

Liz Maugans

Sure, some printmakers are traditional practitioners of a craft: They cling to techniques like rote prayers which, properly recited, will deliver them to the Promised Land, and Bless Them for that. But something about printmaking drives another set toward experimentation. It’s like the pursuit of alchemy, trying different ingredients and ways of mixing them, hunting some new recipe for gold. […]

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Tears: Art Hopper goes on Hiatus


We were sorry to learn that Arthopper.org, an online source of reviews, essays, and other writing about the region’s art, is taking a break. We got word yesterday via an e-mailed announcement that the blog, which sought to “provide high quality arts journalism in the Greater Lake Erie region in specific cities including Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Cincinnati, Dayton, Detroit, Pittsburgh, […]

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Inter Urban-Ism

Pat Perry. Photos by Michael Gill, combined by Brittany Hudak.

The vast majority of the murals recently painted along the Red Line between the Airport and Tower City are completely devoid of politics. That’s remarkable, especially as the city prepares for the Republican National Convention. With broad support from the Cleveland Foundation and several public entities, and with board approvals required even before the artists’ names were released (let alone […]

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Welcome to CAN Blog

photo: JoAnn Dickey

Maybe you remember the surveys that told us we should do this. Maybe you don’t, but you’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Maybe you even told us personally, as several of you did: CAN should review art shows. We heard you. And we have been thinking the same thing, for a long time. So at long last, […]

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