Crossroads: Newer Galleries Exploring the Intersection of Art and Music

The social spheres of musicians and visual artists have overlapped for centuries, but recently the founders of several newer Cleveland venues have made a point of encouraging and nurturing such crossover. Chief among them are Alex Tapié and Brian Straw, whose multi-disciplinary space, Survival Kit, opened in December of 2010 in a 4500 square-foot loft on the third floor of the West  78th Street Studios. After five months of […]

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A CAN Full of Summer

by Erin O’Brien   In the good ol’ Summertime, Cleveland is a festival kind of town. Whether the occasion be ethnic food or the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, we like to gather in the street for a good time. Cleveland is also a manufacturing town: a creative place where we like to do something with raw materials. And these […]

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Welcome to CAN Journal.

There’s a moment, sure as flipping a light switch, when you realize something is possible. It catches your attention, like when a person passing on the sidewalk says Hello.     Hello. The visual arts scene in Cleveland is at that moment. And you’re holding the evidence in your hand, or perhaps reading it on a computer screen. The Collective Arts Network and CAN Journal […]

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