Street Sense and Sensibility, at YARDS Projects

Image courtesy of YARDS Projects.

Street Sense and Sensibility | June 6–July 27

The photographer Garry Winogrand disliked being called a street photographer. He maintained that photography is finding a way to transform something from the real world into a distinctive image. He said: “Great photography is always on the edge of failure.”

Street photography was pioneered by maverick photographers who built bodies of work around subject matter that was only interesting to them, without a worry about what others would think. The interaction that photographers have with their subjects at the street level is a calling, and cameras are often seen as visible appendages to the bodies of artists, with them at all times. Because of this, the process of shooting candid moments and revealing the story of humanity has always made this genre the Wild West of photography. The work presented at YARDS Project in Street Sense and Sensibility focuses on perspectives that are vulnerable, tender, inquisitive and poignant to these times. The work is social commentary, documentary, and editorial in nature. The subjects and images taken by these photographers are familiar and handled with care.

Alejandro Vergara, The Trees are Watching, black-and-white photo print.

The artists—Matthew Chasney, Bruce Checefsky, Kenneth Cody, Christopher Mason, Lou Muenz, Mark Smith, Alejandro Vergara, and Emanuel Wallace—all imbue “street” with more of a feeling for seeing the world as a set of conditions that define where or how an image can be taken. It’s about them peering into the chaos of the world and coming back with candid images that reinvent that world, through the lens, in a new way. It is the decisive moment that the photographers in Street Sense and Sensibility capture to further share with us a completely new way of seeing things.

Bruce Checefsky, from the Rust Belt Riviera series.

Plein AIR at Tinnerman Lofts | June 29

We are excited to change the location for Plein Air this year to Tinnerman Lofts. From noon to 3 pm on Saturday, June 29, any and all artists have the opportunity to participate in drawing the spaces, places and people populating this historic Ohio City location. We will celebrate with live music and hotdogs on the grill. Tinnerman Lofts is located at 2048 Fulton Road.

725 Johnson Court
Cleveland, Ohio 44113


Street Sense and Sensibility,June 6–July 27

Plein AIR at Tinnerman Lofts, noon-3pm Saturday, June 29

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