Sage Wisdom at Worthington Yards

Patricia Zinsmeister Parker, The Bed, canvas, 48 X 36 inches.

Sage Wisdom

We are pleased to celebrate the work of some of the most vibrant artists in this region as they show the expanse of their commitment to making. Sage Wisdom is a moment where we celebrate the life-course of creativity–the impact of age, and how it can, will, and does shift the  practice of artists working in Northeast Ohio. Featured artists include Fran Belkin, Hector Castellanos Lara, David Buttram, Don Harvey, Dan Rothenfeld, John Saile, Patricia Zinsmeister Parker and Susan Squires. The show runs from March 7 to April 8. In conjunction, YARDS Projects is excited to partner with Artist Archives of the Western Reserve (AAWR) and artists from the exhibition who have had prolific local, national and international careers, for over fifty-plus years. An Artist Talk and panel discussion will take place from 10 to 11:30 am on March 16.

Michael Loderstedt

At Tinnerman Lofts Project Space, we feature artist Michael Loderstedt in work from his Thistles & Carolina series. his series of works–fabricated from cyanotypes, collaged fabrics, and embroidery–began as an investigation of the botanical biome of the artist’s yard. As a result of a re-evaluation of the yard and ornamental garden, the artist has undertaken the replanting and replacement of “exotic” plants with native pollinators. As a result of that process, many plants were “archived” through direct cyanotype printing onto fabric. Each subsequent image was then “repaired” using stitching and embroidery, then embedded into a larger composition created from collage fabrics. Often these compositions recall fragmented landscapes derived from memory.

Lisa Schonberg and Jennifer Leach

Lisa Schonberg and Jennifer Leach are both outstanding printmakers who are inspired by natural forms and mixed media print processes. Jennifer Leach works primarily in woodblock and linoleum relief printmaking techniques. Her work explores themes of identity and emotion. Lisa is a resident artist at Zygote Press in downtown Cleveland, where she produces her prints, teaches, and volunteers. The show opens April 4 and runs through June 22.

725 Johnson Court
Cleveland, Ohio 44113


Sage Wisdom at Worthington Yards, March 7–April 8.

Artist Talk and panel discussion at Worthington Yards in partnership with Artist Archives of the Western Reserves, 10-11:30am March 16

Lisa Schonberg and Jennifer Leach, April 4–June 22

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