CAC Board Applicants, So Far

Excerpt image of the November 2015 ballot, which resulted in 75% of voters in Cuyahoga County in favor of a cigarette tax for the Cuyahoga Arts and Culture. Courtesy of Cuyahoga County BOE.

The list of applicants to serve on the Board of Directors at Cuyahoga Arts and Culture has grown a bit since CAN last reported. As of January 4, 19 people had applied for the coming term.  The County Executive’s office initially said they “ideally” wanted all applications in hand by January 1, but has confirmed that applications are still being taken as of at least Jan. 5.

Two members of the current board have terms expiring at the end of March, at which point the County Executive’s office will have appointed new members. The new members will join the effort to rebuild trust in the agency, and resolve disagreements over how much of the organization’s revenue should be allocated to different parts of the sector (such as General Operating Support, Project Support Individual Artists, and other programs). They will do so in an environment charged with racial issues, and challenged by declining revenue as the clock ticks toward getting a new cigarette tax levy on the ballot—or not.

CAN received from the County a list of applicants to serve on the Board. The list is public information, and the candidates were informed of that on application.  While either of the board members whose terms are expiring could re-apply, and could be re-appointed, neither of them–Charna Sherman nor Karolyn Isenhart–has so far done so.

The list does include several individual artists–which have been lacking on the Board in recent years. They include several visual artists, but also a range of disciplines, from business owners to spoken word artists and comedians. One apparently did not supply a surname:


Parker Amsel

John Farina

Monique Patterson-Ceasor

Nancy Schwartz Katz

Darice Polo

Aireonna McCall

Micaela Barrett

Laura Mangual-Lenke

Lo Smith

Ramon Rivas II

Michael Loderstedt

Jenna Juredine

Robert Wright

Emma Jochum

Michael Gutierrez

Stephanie Ginese

James Zammikiel

Kisha Nicole Foster

The fact that the County is still taking applications means the pool can still grow. You, or the person you know who you believe would serve well, can still throw their hat in the ring.  The application is simple and straightforward, and does not take a lot of time. Click here to apply.

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