Summit Artspace Provides Studio Space and More for Artists

Jaron M. LeGrair is the owner and founder of Jaron M. LeGrair Studio and has been a resident at Summit Artspace since 2015.

Summit Artspace, a nonprofit located in downtown Akron, connects artists and artist-serving organizations to the resources they need to thrive professionally, creatively, and financially. This support comes in many forms, from exhibitions to coaching sessions to studio rentals. Artists of all disciplines are welcome, filling the building with visual art, music, theatre, and more. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the boundless inspiration provided by this diverse creative community.

Lizzi Aronhalt

Lizzi Aronhalt is a painter, educator, and muralist, and she has been a resident at Summit Artspace for over five years. Her architecturally-focused work engages themes such as memory, place, and the passing of time. Aronhalt became a resident when she was launching her career as a visual artist. “Having a studio space dedicated to my painting has allowed me to focus on my work and create like I hadn’t been able to previously. I love having a quiet workspace during the week that is open to the public on the weekend. It allows me to create and interact with the community in the same space,” she explains.

Jaron M. LeGrair is the owner and founder of Jaron M. LeGrair Studio and has been a resident since 2015. His mission is to encourage boldness, creativity, and awareness of the voice, and he coaches singers around the world. LeGrair has amassed an impressive following on social media, surpassing 300,000 followers on TikTok and 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, all from his studio at Summit Artspace. He became a resident because he wanted a safe haven for his unique clients in a central location.

Jennifer L. Worden, glass artist

Jennifer L. Worden is a self-taught glass artist. She works with recycled glass so that she can experiment, and creates whimsical pieces that she sells at Summit Artspace and around the community. “I’d been participating in art festivals for years and wanted my own public work and display space. I was a longtime visitor to Summit Artspace and thought it would be the perfect place for me. Not only have I gained a dedicated space for my art, but I’ve gained a wonderful community of fellow artists and building visitors who have helped me grow and expand my art and have also become my friends,” said Worden.

“As a mission-driven organization, we understand that artists’ needs go beyond four walls and a door. While many artists come to Summit Artspace for the studios, they stay for the community and bountiful opportunities,” notes Heather Meeker, executive director.

140 East Market Street
Akron, Ohio 44308


Public Hours, 11am-7pm Fridays & 11am-5pm Saturdays

Winter Exhibitions, January 13–March 18

Akron ArtWalk, 5-9pm Friday, March 10

Spring Exhibitions, April 7–June 17

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