Open Call: Art Made In The COVID Shutdown

CAN Journal is pleased to partner with Worthington Yards in presenting an exhibit opportunity open to all artists who continued making work during the COVID Shutdown.  Art from the Shutdown will be on view at Worthington Yards June 24 – August 15, by appointment. Accompanying artist videos will be available via the CAN Blog Art From A Distance series.

From Liz Maugans:

Artists generally have an overflowing volume of work that is ongoing and never ceases. Artists make work so they can bring it to life, because they are driven to see what it is going to look like. When the world shut down, artists did not.

Yards Projects at Worthington Yards and the Collective Arts Network team up to showcase the work that was produced during this shutdown period. As studios, galleries and many community maker spaces are opening, we wanted to create a space to show the work that was made during this historic time.

Artists make work that chronicles cultural shifts and moments of social change. This makes the task all the more difficult when so many are isolated in their own homes. Artists changed their studio practices because their community shops, dark rooms, ateliers, and fabrication spaces were closed as well. Artists took risks, made work differently, and opened themselves up to new approaches in their work.

Artists depend on people for feedback and energy that comes from seeing their work. They rely on their followers, new and old, having disposable income to put towards artworks, as well as philanthropic organizations who often provide the financial backing for grants, commissioned projects or special events. Both have been nearly wiped out by the ‘shelter-in-place’ order. Artists had shows that were postponed indefinitely and yet their making never stopped.

Many artists have not been able to get all their ideas out of their heads, and the quarantine was the opportunity for them to press pause. The Shutdown gave them the time to work through some of those concepts that they may have overlooked in their previous practice. This time has also given creatives a platform to share their work in new ways, and continue to touch people’s minds and emotions from the safety of our homes.

We’d love to see what the art from the people who don’t necessarily call themselves artists made during this time too.


The process of exhibiting in Art from the Shutdown is simple: contact Liz Maugans at, or and tell her you are interested. She will send you a form that can be signed and attached when you drop the work off on June 20th between 12-4pm at 725 Johnson Court.

OPEN CALL: All NEO artists are eligible, so please share with your circle of friends.

SUBMISSION: One piece, ready to hang (with wire if framed) or we can hang (unframed works on paper) with magnets (if unframed). All work should be 2D and 2’x2’ or smaller. Please have art marked on back with name, title and price. A one-page exhibition agreement will be available that can be attached to your piece. We will also ask for a suggested link to a Youtube video that we can promote of you and your work and its content. These will be showcased CAN Blog’s Art From A Distance series, and shared via Social Media.

DROP OFF: June 20th from 12-4pm at Worthington Yards -725 Johnson Court or by special arrangement with Liz Maugans 216 570-0324.

COMMISSION: Worthington Yards will take a 20% commission (half the standard 40% commission)

Please RSVP to Liz Maugans for participation., or 216.570.0324.

ACCESS: Liz Maugans will be available to give tours by appointment only, and will have extended Open Hours at the Gallery from 12-3pm

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