Art from a Distance: Meng-Hsuan Wu

Meng-Hsuan Wu, marbling paint and wood burning on Basswood, each panel 11″ X 14″, 2019

Museums, Galleries, Studios, and Schools are all closed in the effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. That has left artists alone in their studios, and gallery doors closed, sometimes with exhibits still hanging, unseen, on their walls. In the Art from a Distance series of posts on CAN Blog, we’re helping curators, dealers, artists and teachers share their experiences and their work with you, and helping everyone keep in touch. Watch CAN Blog throughout the period of physical distancing so you can keep up-to-date about what’s going on, and remind yourself of all that awaits when we get through this difficult time. Here, Meng-Hsuan Wu discusses the impact on her own work as an individual artist and as an educator in schools and at the Rainey Institute.


Meng-Hsuan Wu



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