Nicole Schneider explores The Color of Walls at BAYarts

Nicole Schneider, Negotiations 14

Nicole Schneider is looking for chaos and order in equal measure. The result of this is her recent series of work, titled “Negotiations”.  It is inspired by being an artist, wife, and Mom to two children under 4 years of age. The phrase she references about Motherhood is “ever-evolving” and this sense of adaptability is well represented in her art.


“‘Negotiations’ is an ongoing body of work employing overlapping gestural marks and blocks of color to explore relationships between order [thinking] and chaos [feeling] pertaining to human consciousness and behavior,” says Schneider.  “The interplay and repetition of these opposing formal elements create a visual dialog that mimics the way the brain gathers, organizes, and prioritizes information.”

Nicole Schneider, Negotiations 15

Her willingness to experiment using silkscreen print layering yields great returns in the art. “What I love most is when I get an unanticipated result. Like maybe once the top layer dries, the layer beneath shows through more than I thought it would, or maybe it’s completely obliterated…”


The Color of Walls runs April 12 – May 3rd. Opening reception April 12, 7-9 PM



BAYarts Annual Juried Exhibition 2018:  Mar 8 – April 6

Jenniffer Omaitz (KSU) and Mark Inglis (CiA) Judges

Details and application:

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