Creative Fusion Outcomes: MENG-HSUAN WU, Taiwan

Meng-A geography lesson - Taiwan

Meng-Hsuan Wu came to Cleveland for a Creative Fusion residency at the Rainey Institute in Fall 2013. Her project—designed to engage visually impaired people in partnership with the Cleveland Sight Center– was to build an indoor pond, fill it with goldfish, and invite participants to allow the fish to nibble at their bare feet, recording their comments in the process. She also fell in love with her boyfriend, and so when the opportunity arose, she moved to Cleveland permanently. Meng now works full-time at the Rainey as a Teaching Artist, Liaison to the Asian Community, and creator of community-engaged art projects.  She is making a video with new immigrants and refugees in the Greater Cleveland area–collecting their stories and the objects they brought from their motherlands to explore their  sense of identity as they find a new home.   –Brittany Mariel Hudak