I Scarce Can Take It: Works by Martha Cliffel, Gadi Zamir, Misty Lindsey & Reverend Albert Wagner

“I scarce can take it” is a lyric drawn from the gospel song “How Great Thou Art,” a Christian hymn based on a Swedish traditional melody. The line was later appropriated into a poem by the well-known nineteenth-century Swedish poet, Carl Boberg. In Boberg’s poem, the line expresses the spiritual force that the reader/listener experiences from a story of inspiration […]

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Cleveland FRONT and SEEN: Works of Timothy Callaghan, Hilary Gent, Darius Steward, and Sarah Paul at YARDS Project Space

Founded during America’s westward push in the late eighteenth century, Cleveland has traced the classic trajectory of American cities. A trading outpost, Cleveland ascended during the Industrial Revolution, playing host to John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company, and General Electric’s Nela Park. The city’s rise was epitomized by development of the 52-story Terminal Tower—for decades, the tallest building anywhere outside […]

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