TERRIBLE AND BEAUTIFUL: Darius Steward, Clotilde Jimenez, and Race as a subject for artistic dialog


When we talk about race in Cleveland, conversation runs quickly toward headline stories, especially of white police officers and Black men or boys. Thanks to a couple of high profile shootings and the way the justice system responded, the city had a major role in the national discussion of race-related violence in 2015.  That was the context in which I […]

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Artistic Languages from Around the Globe

Meng-A geography lesson - Taiwan

And the voices keep coming –     Throughout Cleveland’s history our cultural legacy has been built by people from around the globe. From the dozens of immigrant nationalities that designed, sculpted, and maintain the cultural gardens of Rockefeller Park,  to the music performed at Severance Hall, to the Asian collection and the rest of the vast holdings of the […]

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CAN We Talk?


Maybe this is a good time to talk. Just over 75 percent of the people who cast ballots in Cuyahoga County in November voted in favor of renewed public support of the arts and culture through its 30 cent per pack tax on cigarettes. That’s an overwhelming number. And a few months earlier, when the County Council discussed putting the […]

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Surge, Resurge: Tremont and Little Italy work to recover their art walk magic


Nothing could be more emblematic of the churn on Cleveland’s art-walking scene than the coincidence of the Little Italy and Tremont art walks one Friday in October. Both neighborhoods once were the edgy hot spots of the Cleveland art scene. Each of them once defined the term “Art Walk” in Cleveland, and together they are responsible for establishing here the idea that artists […]

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