An Interview with Artist Nick Cave – Feat. Opens 2/23 at Akron Art Museum

Tomorrow (Saturday, February 23) the new exhibition Nick Cave: Feat. opens at Akron Art Museum – showcasing some of the artist’s most iconic bodies of work, including his signature soundsuits. These dazzling sculptural costumes are made of thousands of found objects, buttons, old toys, and other everyday items, but their visual brilliance conceals a darker message. Cave made his first […]

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MAKERS: Christa Ebert, aka Uno Lady

“What more could I possibly ask as an artist than my most precious visions, however rare, sometimes assume the forms of my images.” – Maya Deren   On a frigid day recently, Christa Ebert showed me upstairs to her West Park studio. Among the many effects pedals, microphones, and audio equipment stood a vintage projection screen – the kind of […]

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Nikki Delamotte, 1988-2018

“Those guys are being jerks” – a message from Nikki popped up as I was in the midst of dealing with something that every female writer has to contend with, but was new for me – being trolled and mansplained at the same time. “Well, I guess I’m officially a journalist now!” I said. “Baby’s first empowered white male trolling! […]

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