Kempthorn & Kabot, Keffer, and Bidwell at 1point618

Amber Kempthorn & Sarah Kabot Opening Reception: 7 to 10 pm November 22, 2013 Mutually interested in books, ephemera, and overlooked artifacts, Amber Kempthorn and Sarah Kabot will exhibit their work together at 1point618. Their process and materials are analogous, but they approach similar content differently. Using sculpture, drawing, and collage, the exhibition explores the complexities of memory, memorials, and […]

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Conjoined Human Parts at BAYarts

Conjoined Human Parts is an exhibition that focuses on John R. Nativio’s interpretation of the human figure. Rather than simple rendering, though, this exhibit puts the emphasis on subjective abstraction and reinterpretation—the disassembling and reintegration of the figure through the mind of the artist. To varying degrees, this perspective is present in each of the three disciplines in the show. […]

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Production Reproduction: Zygote Press bets on Cleveland and opens an annex in Collinwood

WHEN THE GREAT Cleveland-based Op-Artist Julian Stanczak painted an eye-popping response to the new MOCA building and donated it to boost the organization’s capital campaign, director Jill Snyder saw an even larger opportunity: a way to amplify the effect of the gift, to let more patrons participate in the occasion, and at the same time help MOCA raise more money: […]

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