Seizing the Day

Geoff Baker photo

Geoff Baker’s landscapes of northeastern Ohio and northwestern Michigan expand our understanding of what Henri Cartier-Bresson called his quest for “the decisive moment.” In Cartier-Bresson’s celebrated images, that “moment” is generally confined to street scenes inhabited by a person caught unawares – a pedestrian jumping over a puddle; a young man giving his girl friend a bunch of flowers. The […]

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The Tradition of Fiber Art Education in Cleveland Continues at Praxis

  The idea for Praxis Fiber Workshop arose when the Cleveland Institute of Art decided to downsize the Fiber and Material Studies department, merging it with the sculpture and video departments. A campus unification project has doubled the size of the Joseph McCullough building on Euclid Avenue, making CIA an even more impressive destination for young artists across the globe. […]

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Zygote Operation Green

The artists who run Zygote Press had an “a-ha” moment in 2013, when they decided it was time to lock away mineral spirits, glaze cleaner, lithotine, and other toxic tools of the print trade, and replace them with canola oil, vinegar, water and tallow. Now, supported by a grant from the George Gund Foundation, Ohio’s largest artist-run print shop is […]

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Johnny Coleman Juries After the Pedestal 2015 at The Sculpture Center

  In June, the eighth iteration of After the Pedestal opens at The Sculpture Center with an expanse of smaller works by bright artists of our region, selected from an open call. The juried exhibition is intended as an interlude from the mammoth-sized works often inhabiting the galleries. This showcase encourages viewers to look closely, as we often forget to […]

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The Morgan Grows

Spring is finally upon Northeastern Ohio! As the weather warms and the days start to lengthen, you’ll find the staff of the Morgan Conservatory outside tending to our garden. Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Educational Foundation’s Caraboolad Garden is possibly the most impressive aspect of the nonprofit organization. The Conservatory creates a self-sustaining cycle of papermaking by growing raw […]

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$10,000 Cash, Giant Balls, A Space Launch, Trash Becomes Art, An Outdoor Gallery, and Rescuing Dogs… Bow, Wow and WOW!

ARTIFIED: An Art Exhibit Juried by the People with a $10,000 Grand Cash Prize! Imagine Cleveland’s greatest art show ever! Loren Naji Studio Gallery wants to bring vibrancy to Cleveland, support artists, and promote business. Loren, with his team, Tina Ripley and Grace Wen are exploring an art event idea that could make this happen. Our goal is a large […]

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