MAKERS: Jake Kelly

Once you are familiar with Jake Kelly’s work you start spotting it everywhere. He is the virtuoso responsible for the giant murals in Melt Restaurants – or maybe you’ve seen his fliers advertising upcoming shows at the Grog Shop, or perhaps you’ve seen his amazing mural inside the Grog Shop, or his serial comic masterpiece the “Lake Erie Monster” made with long-time […]


Artist Ananda Nahu Nears Completion on Largest Mural in Ohio

Ananda Nahu, Fall 2016 Creative Fusion Artist

Fall 2016 Cleveland Foundation Creative Fusion Artist Ananda Nahu is just a few weeks away from completing the largest mural in the state of Ohio. Located in the Lakeview Terrace Estates at the West 28th Street on ramp, the vibrant mural draws inspiration from youth who live in the community and participate in Cleveland Public Theatre‘s Brick City Theatre program. […]


Fred Wilson Unearths Hidden Truths at the Allen Memorial Art Museum with “Wildfire Test Pit”

test pit – a small preliminary excavation made to gain an idea of the contents of an archaeological site. Much like an archaeologist, New York artist Fred Wilson has made a career digging to uncover long lost or hidden treasures.[1]  Wilson burrows into the conventional Western history of art, mines academic and historical writing, and in many cases, he physically […]


Emoh: Backward Home Numbers

By now, thanks to USA today and multiple other news outlets, tens of thousands of people across the country have read that Loren Naji’s “Emoh” is named for the word “home” spelled backwards. And they know Naji’s intent by living for a few weeks in his eight-foot sphere–cobbled together with debris collected from abandoned homes in Cleveland and Detroit– is to […]


MAKERS: Frank Oriti, Oil Painter

Cleveland painter Frank Oriti recently moved into a new studio in the Screw Factory.  Much larger than his previous space, sunlight pours into the room through an immense wall of windows.  His tools and easels are all carefully set and at the ready, and giant heaps of oil paint wait for his brushes.  I have been an admirer of Oriti’s portrait paintings […]


Zine Scene – A Few Words with Phoebe Thomas of the Cozy Up! Collective

Somewhere in my attic there is a box filled with tattered and torn old zines. I’ve held on to these photocopied and unevenly stapled collections of anarchist poems, punk album reviews, crude drawings, and suburban-nihilist thought for over twenty years.  But zines have moved beyond my limited, largely 1990’s perception, and are starting to get their “fair dues” as an art form.  MOCA Cleveland […]

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