24/7 Studio Access at Art House

Art House studio technician and instructor Thalia Arias. Image courtesy of Art House, Inc.

It all started when a friend asked me to volunteer for the Art House booth at a festival on a Saturday afternoon. I said yes, without having any idea what Art House was. There I met Laila, and after chatting about my BFA in ceramics and how hard it was to find affordable studio spaces in Cleveland, she told me about their open position for a studio technician. It was unpaid, but came with 24/7 studio access. So, I jumped at the opportunity, which led to learning more about the organization and its mission. In turn, I fell in love with Art House and found a true opportunity for growth in my career and a place where I can develop my skills as an artist, while actively participating in the betterment of our community. It is rare to find a place nowadays that wants to give more than it takes. Art House is one of those places—standing with their community, working to expand and strengthen each one’s relationship with the arts. I encourage everyone I meet to stop by the studio and check out the classes and free events. And I encourage you to do it, too.

3119 Denison Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44109

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