Greetings from the Mothership Connection, Kings & Queens of Art

Cleveland Votes staff had an end of the year holiday party.

As I was sitting here writing this article for CAN Journal, I realized that Kings & Queens of Art will be ten years old come February 1st. So, I stopped writing, closed my eyes and took a deep breath as my gratitude became…more!

Believing in giving credit where credit is due, I want to take this time to thank all of you for the role and/or roles you have played in helping my organization to grow and expand, and thank you for the spiritual and mental support you have given me so that I could…hold on to my dream and live my dream! Wow what a ride this has been!

In April of 2021 Kings & Queens of Art moved into a new studio space both physically and spiritually. It is our fourth studio space—our largest space yet! We have spent the last couple of years getting acclimated to the space, and in the space, which is a 5,280-square-foot warehouse space.

In 2023 we added a Mobile Art Gallery and Classroom.

Having said all of that, this year our overarching goal is Overcoming Darkness and Defying Stereotypes!

We will focus on several things.

The Art Palace on Wheels Mobile Classroom: teaching art classes & adult literacy

Racial justice and the criminal justice system: shining more light/awareness to those incarcerated and formerly incarcerated and those who have been historically marginalized!

Utilizing our physical space more effectively: renting out space and hosting more events

Launching a Movement: celebrating Black History 24/7/365, starting off with Monthly Movie Nights beginning in March

Celebrating the 6th Principle of Kwanzaa—Kuumba

1385 East 34th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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