Artful Reflections: East Ave Market & Gallery’s Memorable 2023

Visitors to East Avenue Gallery

As this year draws to a close, many are beginning to reflect on all they have done this past year. Looking back at this season of events at East Ave Market & Gallery, we can see such a diverse lineup of exhibitions. We began with showcasing our private collection of art pieces acquired through the years. Viewers came along during this exhibition to contemplate our previous artists and to see how we’ve grown into the future. In the spring, we explored the natural elements through the Fibers, Flowers, & Fires exhibition. Three Ohio-based women used clay, tapestry, and acrylic paint to allow the expressive beauty of these elements to shine.

We soon started the Second Saturday events again in May with Afrofuturism: Black Lives Will Exist in the Future. This multi-media exhibition combined Black photography with an original music video composition. Next was El Sabor Latinx, a group exhibition which showcased the unique experiences of local Latin-American artists. The show was so well received by the Akron community that we extended it for another month so more could fully enjoy the experience of this artwork. In August, Bronlynn Thurman of the GAR Foundation debuted her first exhibition, entitled Concentricity: A Reflection on Nature and Interconnectedness. Visitors immersed themselves in Thurman’s photography of seasonal landscapes and colorful gouache paintings.

Finally, we closed our Second Saturday events with the 2nd Annual MENtor Exhibition. This group show celebrated men, young and old, who have dedicated themselves to bettering the community by setting examples through their intriguing works of art. Our last exhibition for 2023 was in mid-October: Time, Times, and Half a Time by co-founder of the Akron Black Guild, Dara Harper. She presents a riveting thought on the concept of time. Expounding into the depth of her point of view, the exhibition will run until early December so we hope all will have a chance to come and view her brilliant pieces.

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Time, Times, and Half a Time: Dara Harper, through early December

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