The Summer Intern Experience, at Art House

Jordan McNeal, checking summer camp registrants at Art House.

Jordan McNeal, Administrative Assistant; Project Affinity Program (Baldwin Wallace University)

I have traveled a path rich with excitement and discovery within the world of Art house. Every second spent within its colorful walls has been a fascinating education and never-ending exploration amidst inspiring artworks and has served as a catalyst for my ongoing artistic practice. I have gained priceless experience in collaboration, organizational development, marketing strategies, event organizing, and the complexities of programming. I anxiously anticipate further growth in my capabilities and the vast possibilities that lay ahead as Art House continues to share the wonders of art all around Cleveland.

Prathinav Dutta works on the design of a publication.

Prathinav Dutta, Design Development; Studio Institute Summer Intern, Cleveland State University

I have been working here since June 5th on a very unique project that will boost Art House’s visibility and programs. In a nutshell, the past few weeks have completely transformed my life in a positive way. Every week is very productive- there is always something to do! The atmosphere is not like a fast-paced corporate agency lifestyle. Rather it is fun, low stress and most importantly people listen to you and what you have to say. I absolutely enjoy and look forward to working at Art House every day.

Art House, Inc.

3119 Denison Avenue

City: Cleveland, OH 44109


Prathinav Dutta, Studio Institute Summer Intern, finalizes the design for Art House, Inc: A Look Inside

Jordan Mcneal, Project Affinity Intern checks in with Summer Camp registrants.

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