Yards Project: Drawing Reality, Stranger Things

Michael Whitehead, Pillars of St. Gabriel, mixed media drawing.

ON LINE: drawing our reality

September 7th-October 14

Opening reception Sept. 7 5:30-8pm

More and more visceral mark making with a digital technology is being introduced into drawing that blurs the line between authorship and originality. Digital mediation tools like tablets, projectors, Artificial Intelligence, and other software technologies distract us, while providing sophisticated imaging tools to enrich our experiences. We are represented by our online behaviors, enriched data sets and millions of meta-data points that become marks that lead us back to a different type of self-awareness. On Line harkens to artists who find folly and refuge as did the Artist Paul Klee who said,  “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk”. 

On Line: drawing our reality is a show of strong observational and experimental drawing that surveys regional artists that have taken the role of witness, offering a myriad of perspectives, showing us landscapes and skin patterning, Tromp l‘oeil realism, hybrid fantasies, and abandoned supermarkets. The artists featured use drawing as the headliner for that Klee-like walk through a turbulent time of our most recent collective history. 

The artists featured are Davon Brantley, Leigh Brooklyn, Dominick Cafarella, Charisse Harris, David Hicks, Tony Ingrisano, Charles Kanwischer. Nancy Schwartz-Katz,  George Kozmon, Alyssa Lizzini, George Mauersberger, Eric Macalla, Joanna Mitchell, Michelle Muldrow, Michael Whitehead, and Kristina Walter

Yards Projects is excited to partner with Taste Makers United at the online exhibition opening reception.  Tastemakers is a Cleveland-based nonprofit devoted to building community for diverse Millennial and Get Z entrepreneurs, innovators and creatives. Taste Makers mission is to connect and celebrate Cleveland’s culture, environment, and identity so that Cleveland is recognized as a place where BIPOC tastemakers can thrive.

Taste Makers celebrates connectedness for the Futureland multi-day event that celebrates the diversity in tech, arts and culture in Northeast Ohio.  https://www.futurelandcle.com.

Connor Goodwin, Animal Farm

Stranger Things

October 19-November 18

The Stranger Things Exhibition  is inspired by the hugely popular science fiction  horror drama series (by the same name) created by the Duffer Brothers that will culminate in 2024 with its fifth and final season. Set in the 1980s in a fictional town called Hawkins, Indiana, the series centers on several mysteries and supernatural events occurring in the town. The influence of the Upside Down, a world that parallels this fictional town, starts to affect the unknowing residents of Hawkins in calamitous ways. The Boschian landscapes, tripped out visuals and other laboratory experiments go very wrong.  Subterranean landscapes and experiments abound where artists share in unusual and uncanny approaches to their ideas and process. Through Lenticular photographs, laboratory installations, casted works, objects d’art and special effects these works come together just in time for the most macabre time of year.

The artists featured are Jon Kvassay, Christine Bonner, Jane Baeslach, Laura D’Alessandro, Nathalie Bermudez, Melissa English Campbell, Melissa Daubert, Chris Dean, Myron Gilbert, Connor Goodwin, Louise Bane Harris, Chester Hopkins-Bey,  Susie Underwood, Robin Van Lear, Jean Kondo Weigl, and June Hund.

Yards Project

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