Coming to East Ave: Dara Harper & 2nd Annual MENtor Exhibition

Artist Dara Harper

MENtor Exhibition, September 9

As we draw this busy season of events to a close, we want all who attend to feel a sense of oneness with their community. One way to make that possible is by showing appreciation to the ones who stood by us through it all. In our September exhibition, we are bringing attention to fathers, brothers, sons, and mentors—who remain shining examples in their community—through the 2nd Annual MENtor Exhibition.

Last year we brought to light many men who contribute to their neighborhoods through various means, from almost literally building up their community through construction to adding a creative flair to it. This year we are expanding our line-up to include more men who make a difference. We will have an artist who protects and serves his people as a police officer, another who strengthens us to stay active and healthy, and our newest addition who assists small businesses as they grow by helping them market themselves. Let’s celebrate these upstanding mentors in September, and every day, for all that they do.

Time, Times, and Half a Time, October

Longtime artist, Dara Harper has an idea to capture ‘time’ and she displays her vision in her solo exhibition, Time, Times, and Half a Time. She identifies the name of her exhibition with the powerful word “infinite.” For this exhibition, she uses three elements to help her capture the idea of time. Harper says, “this idea of ‘time’ is built through the thought process of unpredictable moments of life, the hopes of the imagined, and the application of paint.” She expresses her ideas through the use of color theory and layered acrylic paint, which led her to explore nontraditional tools such as masonry instruments and cardboard, resulting in the formation of her work into distinct textures.

Harper will also be adding a digital component to her already extensive and thought-provoking exhibition. She goes on to say, “this component will be through digital projection exhibited parallel to the abstract paintings. In implementing this new work, ‘time’ will be elevated, prioritizing the awareness of ‘time’ changes to the viewer.” The show will be on view from October into November. Attendees will also be able to view it during the CAN Journal Launch Party on November 17. This exhibition will truly be one to experience.

Not only is Dara Harper a talented artist, she also encourages her community to express themselves through art. She opened her long-established store, Art Only Boutique, in 2008 alongside her daughter, Diane L. Johnson. They produce wearable art, contemporary acrylic pieces, and more, and the two develop art curriculums for all ages to enjoy. The mother/daughter duo also co-founded the Akron Black Artist Guild, which finds ways to connect and support artists.

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September Second Saturday: 2nd Annual MENtor Exhibition, September 9, noon-5pm

Time, Times, and Half a Time featuring artist Dana Harper, October–November

CAN Journal Launch Party, November 17

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