The Shapes of Abstraction: Context Opens Its Doors

Eugenie Torgerson, Flier, screenprint, 1983.

This September, Context opens its space in suite 303 at 78th Street Studios. The gallery and studios are operated by Christopher L. Richards and Justin Brennan. Partnering to develop a new art space, Richards and Brennan have created three new studio spaces and a focused program of exhibitions. The first exhibition, The Shapes of Abstraction, features a cast of women artists who work or have worked in Northeast Ohio and opens on Third Friday, September 15. The show provides a glimpse of things to come. “The gallery’s primary mission is to explore abstract art in the Cleveland area,” Richards states. “We’ll be celebrating the region’s rich heritage in abstraction, as well as reintroducing artists that have moved away.”

Jenniffer Omaitz, Internal Logic, acrylic, 2022.

Works by Vivien Abrams Collens, Ruth Bercaw, Sarah Esposito, Phyllis Kohring Fannin, Tiara Grayson, Catherine Lentini, Jenniffer Omaitz, and Eugenie Torgerson comprise the first exhibition and span decades of work. The wide range of ideas presented by these artists illustrates both the similarities and differences in approach to abstract image making.

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1300 West 78th Street, Suite 303
Cleveland, Ohio


The Shapes of Abstraction, opens September 15

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