Celebrating Love and Intimacy in Two Summer Shows at Yards Projects

Quandale T. Johnson, Image by Donald Black Jr.

Love Being Black, June 1–July 1

In Love Being Black, writer Ali Black and photographer Donald Black Jr, pair works that look into the world of the Black funeral and capture the residue of violence and racism. These works show an effortless collaboration between two artists. And while this is admirable, it also indicates an alarming reality—trauma sits too comfortably in both artists’ lives. And yet, love and adoration still show up. In “The Custom Casket,” Ali watches Donald wrap a casket, admiring his skill, creating a scene of wonder and intimacy. Love Being Black invites viewers to consider what it means to join forces as partners and creators to contest against a world that tries so desperately to destroy Black love.

Megan Lubey, Untitled Memento Mori quilt, for Velvet Kisses: The Art of Intimacy and Close Encounters.

Velvet Kisses: the Art of Intimacy and Close Encounters, July 6–August 26

Intimacy is too often confined to matters of love; yet the word belongs more in the realms of trust and faith. It denotes an act of revelation found in the simple gesture of sharing, bringing that which was previously hidden out from the shadows and into the light. The works reflect on self-intimacy, experienced in solitude, and the intimacy shared between us, be it romantic or platonic, familial or fleeting.

There is, too, intimacy of familiar spaces, spaces we inhabit in the physical world and in our minds. And then, there is the intimacy of objects, and our relationships to them—a cherished photograph, a processing of something delicate, or something so detailed and hidden that it is brought to light. Velvet Kisses encompasses many intimacies. Intimacy between friends, family and even yourself.

The show includes artists Ewuresi Archer, Claire Bowman, Adrian Eisenhower, Amy Casey, Brooke Inman, Helen Lardner, Megan Lubey, Greg Martin, Darius Steward, Kari Russell-Pool, Marc Petrovic, Amber N. Ford, and Christine Ries.

725 Johnson Court
Cleveland, Ohio 44113


Love Being Black, June 1–July 1. Opening reception 5:30-8pm Thursday, June 1

Velvet Kisses: the Art of Intimacy and Close Encounters, July 6–August 26

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