Artists Archives of the Western Reserve goes on a Scavenger Hunt in Lakeview Cemetery

Artists Archives of the Western Reserve annual Members Exhibit, Gallery View

The rustle of silk in a graveyard, a cryptic puzzle leading you through the trees, and the thrill of edging out your fellow sleuths as you search for treasure among the moss-covered tombs. It’s a fantasy plucked straight out of the pages of an Agatha Christie novel or perhaps the cross-hatched dreamscapes of an Edward Gorey illustration. And soon, just before the summer solstice, you too can take part.

On Sunday, June 11, join the Artists Archives for The Egg and the Obelisk, a scavenger hunt fundraiser to be held on the grounds of the museum’s very quiet neighbor—historic Lake View Cemetery. Each ticket-holding detective will be given a book of clues to track down one of over fifty ostrich eggs, hand-painted by some of the region’s premiere artists, including Arabella Proffer, Augusto Bordelois, Baila Litton, Corrie Slawson, Joyce Morrow Jones, Judy Takács, Mark Yasenchack, Ryn Clarke, John A. Sargent III, Lisa Schonberg, Karen D. Beckwith, Mark Sudduth, and Tom Roese.

As a reward for their endeavors, participants will keep the exquisitely-decorated prize they have uncovered. All proceeds will directly benefit the Legacy Society, which supports the continued conservation and maintenance of the Archives’ remarkable, growing collection of work by 97 of Ohio’s seminal artists. Limited tickets are available. To take part in the mystery, visit

This spring, the Archives will also welcome the return of their Annual Members Exhibition. Now in its ninth year, the show has become the museum’s most anticipated yearly event. Active members are invited to contribute one work in any medium, including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, assemblage, digital art, fine jewelry and textile.

Hung in a vibrant salon style, the pieces provide a glimpse into the inner lives of their creators, neatly compiled within the two-foot-square limitation. Viewed as a collective, the diminutive works become a mosaic—a whole greater than the sum of its parts capturing the experience of living in our region through the eyes, and hands, of over 100 artists. To become a member and participate in this joyful community exhibition, visit or call 216.721.9020 for more details.

1834 East 123rd Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44106



Annual Members Exhibition, March 23–May 5. Opening reception: 5:30-8pm Thursday, March 23

Annual Meeting of Members and Members Exhibition Closing Reception, Friday, May 5

The Egg and the Obelisk: A Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser at Lake View Cemetery, Sunday, June 11