Seascapes, Cityscapes, and the Gift of Art

Looking into Eternity by Eva Volf, Oil on canvas

Beginning with the October 19 Third Friday, Gallery+ welcomed past guest-artist, Eva Volf, as our newest regular artist. Volf’s fantastic seascapes immerse the viewer in the primal waters of the sea. Inspired by the majesty of the oceans and beaches of the world, she channels the emotions of tranquility and fulfillment to the viewer through oil on canvas. Conceptualized at the source, each seascape is sketched at the beach to capture the vision before completion in the studio. She believes the ocean contains the wisdom of life in its intricate foam patterns and secretive depths. Its infinitely changing character is a useful metaphor to keep life in perspective. Her work elevates the spirit of all who view these paintings.

After getting your fill of the sea, switch to the city. Gallery+ owner/artist Zackary Hoon has been focusing on infrared cityscapes for the past several years. In addition to his popular Cleveland series, Hoon has been adding scenes from around the world. We will be displaying some of his recent Midtown Manhattan images through the end of the year. After that, look for images from Ft. Lauderdale, San Diego, San Francisco, and Scandinavia (Iceland, Denmark, and Sweden). Usually presented in black and white, the two most recognizable aspects of infrared photography are green leaves appearing white and blue skies appearing black. Therefore, most infrared photos are landscapes. To push these boundaries, Hoon has been experimenting by including people and structures in his photos. His photographs can appear timeless and exhibit a dreamlike quality. By embracing these unusual aspects of infrared photography instead of diminishing them, he creates images that are unique and memorable.

In addition to Volf and Hoon’s work, Gallery+ will continue to showcase the vibrant, watercolor cityscapes of Ted Lawson, the impressionistic paintings of Samuel Francazio, the abstract symbolism of Grant Cleveland, the amazing and thought-provoking sculpture of Leslie Edwards Humez, and work from our quarterly People’s Choice Artist (chosen by popular vote).

It’s long been known that original artwork makes the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts. The holidays are right around the corner, and with seven artists’ work to choose from (and that of over a dozen past guest artists), you’re sure to find that perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. And to make your holiday purchasing experience as easy and enjoyable as possible, Gallery+ will be open again on some special days this year. Look for us to be open on Black Friday, November 23, and during Cleveland Bazaar Holiday! on Saturday, December 8, and Sunday, December 9.

Then, on Third Friday, January 18, be sure to stop in and cast your vote for the next People’s Choice Artist.



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