A Sense of Mystery at BAYarts

Opening January 11 at BAYarts are two exhibitions influenced by religious and emotional identities that present the viewer with a sense of mystery open to personal interpretation.

Justin Brennan’s Ego is a new collection of fragmented, abstract portraits that seek to examine the character and mental dispositions of people. The artist notes that these include self-portraits as well as “people I know and figures from my imagination.” They are all depicted using oil paint, spray paint and oil stick. Rather than give away too many details, Brennan says he wants people to “walk away emotionally affected rather than knowing anything concrete about the pieces.” He goes on to state, “I do not want to give the viewer too much information. I leave most of the concept as something for the viewer to conceive (in their mind).”

Union by Jo Ann Giovanetti-Renczjo

Jo Ann Giovanetti-Rencz brings Biblical history to life with symbolism and color in her latest body of work, Faithlegs Art and History Re-examined. She hopes that people will use the work titles as a means of “putting together a puzzle” in order to see which Biblical stories are represented. “I have seen viewers trying to recognize images in the art; it helps them to relate and enter into the piece.” Noting most references are from the Old Testament, the artist cites “action and detail” as the reason for that focus. “Although I am an abstract painter, that’s where the fun comes into the creative process, by letting the work speak for itself and getting out of the way. It’s like God’s hand is on top of mine, guiding the painting.”

Ego will be in the Sullivan Family Gallery; Faithlegs Art and History Re-examined will be in the Dianne Boldman Education Gallery. Opening receptions: 7:00 to 9:00pm Friday, January 11. On display until February 2.




28795 Lake Road

Bay Village, Ohio 44140