CAN Triennial Dealer Guide: Cleveland Figurative, Booth 10

Stanka Kordic

Martin O’Connor

John A. Sargent, III

Judy Takács

Contemporary Figurative Realism is a movement that has been brewing on the coasts for over a decade. Cleveland’s own figurative artists have also been passionately painting humans with an eye to truth, beauty and the beauty of the truthful depiction…physically and emotionally.

To own a masterful depiction of a human soul is to bring empathy into your home. Contemporary Figurative Realism invites viewers to feel something for and with another person on this planet; to smile, to be touched, to connect, to linger and think.

Judy Takács has gathered just a few of Cleveland’s foremost figurative realists to share their work at Booth No. 10, Cleveland Figurative at the 78th  Street Studios, during the CAN Triennial Art Fair.

Visit the booth to make friends with the artists and discover the beauty of the human souls who have been so lovingly painted.



Martin O’Connor… @martinoconnorart

John A Sargent III…

Judy Takács…