CAN Triennial Dealer Guide: Zygote Press

Yana Mikho-MIsho

Zygote Press is a community art organization and open-access print workspace that has hosted local artists and international residencies for decades. At the Zygote Press booth, you will find silkscreens, etchings, aquatints, plate lithographs, letterpress and monoprints.

Some limited edition, fine art prints were created at Ink House, Zygote’s secondary facility in the Waterloo Arts District, where our experienced printers work with nationally known artists. Other artworks were made by Northeast Ohio artists who work in our collaborative, completely nontoxic shop, located in AsiaTown at 1410 East 30th Street, just a mile east of downtown. We hope you will stop by our shop and gallery while you are in town!

Please visit or call 216.621.2900 for additional information, open hours and summer programs.

Zygote featured artists at the CAN Triennial include:

Amy Casey, who creates beautifully intricate etchings

Jen Craun, mixing hard-edged geometry into richly worked backgrounds

Maxine Donlon, engaged in layered, monoprinted abstract landscapes

Bob Herbst, making intaglio prints of celestial events using polymer photogravure plates

Anne Kibbe, making colorful, gestural paper lithographs, etchings and silkscreens

Stephanie Kluk, whose photo-based prints are symbolic, deconstructed abstractions

Rachel Krislov, with mixed-media collagraphs featuring delicate linework

Mike Lombardy is a versatile artist who specializes in silk screen design

Michaelle Marschall, creating reductive woodcuts and ethereal etchings

Yana Mikho-Misho, who works in mixed-media print methods

Wendy Partridge, focused on pressure printing and letterpress

Jane Petschek creates beautiful landscape etchings

Lisa Schonberg, creator of monoprints, woodcuts and intaglio prints inspired by nature

Anna Tararova, whose photolithos and silkscreens grace handmade paper

Juliette Thimmig works with a variety of print techniques, but specializes in intricate woodcarvings

Grace Wen, with relief and monoprints that fall between realism and abstraction

Rebekah Wilhelm, with delicately layered, conceptually deep artworks

Jan Zorman, whose work shows how the beauty of line creates the perception of space

Zygote Press

1410 East 30th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44114