Weaving in a Digital Age

Janice Lessman-Moss, Jacquard Weaving.

Janice Lessman-Moss, Jacquard Weaving.

When walking into Praxis Fiber Workshop for the first time, visitors are struck by the presence of 24 large wooden structures. Many are familiar with weaving, but newcomers are captivated by the engineering of the loom and the strength and grace of the machine.

“How does it work?” This question bursts with curiosity and also demonstrates the distance from our familiarity with how cloth is made.

“How long does it take?” A question that emphasizes a societal shift to the immediate result that technology grants us again and again.

At Praxis we are working to enhance the relationship between artists and the process of handweaving, but it is equally important to address the shift that technology has imposed on how we live. Using the handloom as an art-making tool addresses the disconnect between this trend and the origin of a process-based art. To accommodate the experienced weaver, the curious artist, the engineer or the young adult, we are working to expand the facilities at Praxis to accommodate digital weaving (looms that are assisted by computers) and to create a bridge between the digital and the handmade. As we work towards this expansion we are honored to be showcasing exquisite examples of this type of weaving in our gallery. Please visit our current exhibition Rhythms & Rotations, weavings by Janice Lessman-Moss. Moss is the chair of the textile department at Kent State University, and two of her personal looms will support our digital facility at Praxis.


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