Walkabout Tremont: Art on the Menu

Stop us if you’ve heard this one.

A man walks into a bar. All around him, people are imbibing, socializing, noshing. Liquor bottles are colorfully reflected in a wall-length mirror. Tables and chairs are generic brown wood. Some furniture (like the occasional patron) is a bit unsteady—stabilized perhaps by folded napkins or matchbooks shoved under one leg. Soft light, non-descript music and faint beery smells paint the room.

Typical scene? Not at all! Because there is one more accoutrement that makes the place exceptional. That thing is local art—perhaps the only appurtenance with the ability to render every gathering spot unique.

A growing number of eateries and saloons—as well as coffee shops—are catching on. Take Tremont, which has long been a food, drink and art destination. For decades, locals and visitors drank, dined and cruised the neighborhood’s many galleries. But with every passing year, more and more local artwork is inside Tremont’s drinking and dining establishments. A recent survey of the area uncovered nature photography by Kate Cade at Loop; oil on canvas works by Evy Beveal and Danielle Goins at the Treehouse; industrial photography by Glenn Murray and Ben Stelle at Grumpy’s Cafe; multimedia—from canvas to concrete—by the Fade Resistant Artist at Edison’s Pub; Asian illustrations and designs by Jordan Wong at Lava Lounge; curious people profiles by Mike Gezze at The South Side; objets d’art—from screen prints to sculpted toys—by Bili Kribbs at BAC; and animal portraits and mini monsters by Jill LeMieux at the Flying Monkey.


Drinking, dining and coffee establishments—like gallery presentations—rotate their for-sale displays regularly. Therefore, what you see this month may not be there next month. So keep coming back to Tremont. With every visit, you get a new entrée, a different libation and a new viewing experience! It’s a win-win-win: Establishments draw more customers, artists get exposure and an occasional sale, and patrons enjoy one-of-a kind scenery.


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