Loren Naji Brings Emoh homE for New Adventures, and Prepares for American Greetings Exhibit

After departure from a delightful send-off at Prosperity Social Club in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood, the live-in sculpture Emoh (Home spelled backwards) continued to garner attention at its first stop, another reception—this time at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. Ultimately, after three weeks in Grand Rapids, As a top 20 ArtPrize finalist, out of 1455 competitors, Emoh was featured in news stories nationwide, including a four-minute video for USA Today!

I actually lived inside Emoh, my spherical sculpture made from debris of demolished homes, for 28 days, confronting our system of backward priorities that allows the simultaneous co-existence of homelessness, excessive residential vacancy, and environmental decay.


But the journey is  not over. As a time capsule art piece, Emoh will tour museums and galleries in various cities, in the coming months, including New York, Chicago, and Toronto, as I seek for it a permanent home.


As a new development, I am proposing to construct multiple spheres placed throughout a city. The surfaces, created by various artists, would make each orb a unique work of public art.  Incorporating insulation, solar panels, a bed and an “invisible” door, these spherical sculptures will now function as shelters for homeless people in the cold of winter!


American Greetings Gallery W

In another development, I am excited to announce my upcoming show with George Kozmon. Come see my latest art May 5 – June 28, 2017 at Gallery W in the new American Greetings building, One American Boulevard in Westlake.


PS: A Call for Artists

I am also seeking unusual art for future exhibits at both Satellite Gallery and Loren’s Art Lounge! Submit your proposals to me via the usual channels.



Satellite Gallery

442 East 156th Street

Cleveland, OH, Earth 44110.


Loren’s Art Lounge

15605 Waterloo, upstairs

Cleveland, OH 44110



Satellite Gallery and Loren’s Art Lounge are open during Walk All Over Waterloo

December 2, 2016, January 6, 2017, Feruary 3, 2017, and March 3, 2017.