Cleveland Print Room – Loreto Greve, Santiago, Chile: A Tender Eye for the Romantic

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Santiago-born artist Loreto Greve adds her exhilarating presence to Cleveland’s packed season of new exhibitions, concerts, and performances this fall, as a participant in the Cleveland Foundation’s Creative Fusion international artist residency program.


Greve’s host is the Cleveland Print Room, a non-profit community darkroom, educational center, studio workspace, and photographic gallery located in the Quadrangle arts district in the St. Clair/Superior neighborhood.  Fortunately for us, she has an interest in what we have done to make Northern Ohio a place where artists live and work. And that makes for an invigorating dialogue.


Trained as a photographer and printmaker at Universidad Finis Terrae,  Greve invests abstractions with the weight of an imagined world. She is in constant search of new processes and materials in the development of her unique language.


Her lithographs connect the natural to the manmade, at a moment when daydreaming ripples without interruption; minimalist repetitions quote jazzy passages and seem to gambol effortlessly across the surface of the print.  With a tender eye for the romantic, she plunges into the thrill of the new to create images that suggest dreams, dreamers, and the nebulous space between youthful fantasy and her interests in jazz and experimental music.


“I like moving the pieces that I cut on the etching, creating a displacement of parts,” states Greve about her etching titled Digital 2 from 2015. “I put a circle below, suspended on the black, levitating, swinging. I put up the other piece, the triangle, barely visible. I like the camouflage. Also, the thread seems to disappear in the middle of the engraving.”


In addition to making her own work, Greve will be working with students in photography and mixed media in the Cleveland Public Schools in partnership with the Cleveland Print
Room and MetroHealth mobile units. She will teach them to use instant film and mixed media to create self-portraits.  The culminating exhibition of her residence will include her own work, as well as pieces created in collaboration with students from the Cleveland Public Schools, St. Martin De Porres and Lake Erie Ink.




Loreto Greve Residency Exhibit, featuring works created with students of Cleveland Public Schooks, St. Martin de Porres, and Lake Erie Ink: November 11 – 23. Opening reception, 5 – 8 pm November 11.

Loreto Greve Artist talk at 1 pm November 12.

In the Cleveland Print Room Gallery