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Cool. Contemporary. Cleveland. That pretty much sums up what we do at Maria Neil. From presenting artwork in unconventional spaces to displaying work in equally unique ways, we work hard to put a new spin on how to experience art.


This you already know.


What you might not know is that we have teamed up with five notable artists to represent what Cleveland means to us, and hopefully what it means to you as an arts supporter. Our relationships with the arts community are vast, and even though this selection of artists may seem limiting, our collaborative efforts continue in many ways. This is a beginning of a new Renaissance of artists and art in Cleveland.


Exposure and expansion are on many an artists’ mind, especially when it comes to selling work. Our reach outside of the local market is growing through organic endeavors like OADA and Echo Art Fair, and inorganically through our online relationship with Amazon Fine Art. Through popular tags on Instagram like #marianeil we are engaging a new audience on a daily basis. Technology has enabled us as gallerists, collectors, and art lovers to showcase the artists of Cleveland like never before.


So without further ado, Maria Neil proudly presents:


Michelangelo Lovelace, Sr.

Depicting inner city life is not easy, especially when it is autobiographical. Michelangelo’s experiences are directly translated to the canvases he paints on. With a heavy hand and a light heart he skirts that fine line to tell the truth about Cleveland and the people in it.


Hilary Gent

From Edward Hopper-esque urban landscapes to abstract forms of destruction, Hilary is ever changing in her style and influences. Her most recent work, based on her experiences along the Rocky River, proves that (like the River) art is always changing.


Paul Sydorenko

At first glance one might expect cute and cuddly imagery from Paul, but understand that there is always a dark side to the fluffy veneer. His adult oriented work is full of equal parts humor and sarcasm, and prey on our deepest childhood fears.


Eric Rippert

Elevating photography to something one would consider as Fine Art has always been Eric’s challenge and intention. That journey is expressed through his different photo series’ and platinum palladium prints. His ever-present feeling of nostalgia elevates the work even further.


Adam Charles Markanovic

Adam’s figurative work presented on Mylar is an intersection of voyeurism and Impressionism. Each body is distinct enough but there is still plenty left to the imagination. Stock internet images (and some images submitted directly to the artist) have never been treated so intimately. A recent graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, Maria Neil is happy to be Adam’s “home base” while he is pursuing his career in New York City.

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Main Gallery Schedule:

Hilary Gent: May 6, 2016

Michaelangelo Lovelace: July  1, 2016

Eric Rippert, September 2, 2016 – Eric Rippert

Special Installation: November 4, 2016


Native Cleveland Annex Schedule:

Hilary Gent: May 6, 2016

Justin Brennan: July 1, 2016

Riley Kemerling: August 5, 2016

Eric Rippert: September 2, 2016

Adam Charles Markanovic: October 7, 2016

Special Installation: November 4, 2016


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