Giggles, and Moving People at the Art Gallery, Willoughby


This Summer, The Art Gallery in Willoughby presents two interesting and unusual shows.



Giggles opens July 1 and will be on view through July 29. This show features a humorous variety of works by artists Jaime Lombardo, Leslie Edwards Humez, George Kocar, Ralph Bacon, and others.  Giggles will be a visual of the quirky side of the artists’ mind.


Be sure to see Ralph Bacon’s whirligig with the Bearded Lady, and the Sword Swallower, and the Fat Lady diving into the tub filled with piranha- turn the handle to make it move.  Be sure to check out Cleo-Cat-Ra, Night and Day by Gerry Shamray.  Leslie Edwards Humez, a sculptor, has created a cat wearing mouse ears titled “Mickey Meows,” and “Bombshell,” a Marilyn Monroe-type blonde with a billowing skirt and an actual bomb shell head.  Of course, we have the ever interesting George Kocar, currently working on “Totems”, a variety of totem-type heads created from odd items- interesting and weird, but, always fun.


Moving People

Moving People is held in conjunction with the local event “Last Stop Willoughby.” Opening is August 6.  The show runs to Sept. 2, and will feature a plethora of visuals, sculpture, and assemblages.


The artists will have some interesting ways of “moving people.”  Moving people has many interpretations- so, come in and see what the artists have in mind.  This day of celebration is taken from “A Stop at Willoughby,” the Twilight Zone episode 30 by Rod Serling.  The city will show this episode in Cork’s Wine Bar party room.


In addition, The Art Gallery will have shows featuring photography and mixed media, a Halloween theme, and something special for the holidays.  Watch for more information – we are putting these shows together now.


All show Openings begin at 6:30-9 PM.  Please join us for adult beverages and food. If you have any questions call us at 440.946.8001.


The Art Gallery

4134 Erie St,

Willoughby, OH 44094



Giggles: July 1 – 29. Opening reception: 6:30-9 pm July