Art House: A new beginning

art-house-OBCES tie dye UB 2015-1


In the past few months Art House, Inc. has experienced many changes.  Following Amy Craft resigning as Executive Director, Stephanie Kluk accepted the offer to become the new Associate Director at Zygote Press and Meri Ruble became Program Coordinator at Progressive Arts Alliance. Laila Voss accepted the offer to become Art House’s new Executive Director and has been working closely with the Sharon Martynowski, the Temporary Office Manager, and the board of trustees to keep programs running. We are moving forward! New programming and projects are being envisioned and put into place. Art House will soon be adding new staff to our team.


Recent and upcoming activities offer many more opportunities to get to know neighbors, Art House Staff, and the community-oriented work we do. At our very successful first annual ABC Chili Cook-Off fundraiser, delicious home-made chili choices, donated pottery, and a raffle made it a great time for everyone. It was a wonderful opportunity for the new ED to meet the Brooklyn community.


Addiontally, on May 6, Art House hosted a welcome to the Director reception. Our Urban Bright Annual Student Art Exhibition opened with a reception May 7, sponsored by Mitchell’s Ice Cream. During the Archwood Street Sale, June 4- 5, artists will be creating work from AH’s vast inventory of “stuff”!


ArtHouse, Inc.

3119 Denison Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44109