Always Something New at Gallery+



Gallery+ offers a range of experience somewhat unique to Gordon Square. The gallery showcases the work of five Northeast Ohio artists, Leslie Edwards-Humez, Diane Hoeptner, Zackary Hoon, Tricia Kaman and Ted Lawson. In addition to this work, visitors can also discover two guest artists each month.


Gallery+ strives to display a variety of styles and vision to its visitors. Humez, a Lake County sculptor, works in clay to create visual tales that rely on metaphor, allusion and the occasional word gag.  Hoeptner, whose studio is in Tremont, works in oils to paint primarily floral and feline compositions. Her floral paintings provide an ethereal beauty that both reassures and revitalizes one’s spirit while the portrayal of cats brings a sense of personality and movement to her feline paintings. Hoon is a Cleveland-area photographer who primarily shoots outdoors, leveraging digital infrared photography to bring out the beauty in the everyday. Unique composition and subtle aspects of infrared  combine to give his images a sense of timelessness and a slightly confusing juxtaposition that celebrate the ordinary. Kaman, whose studio is in Cleveland’s Little Italy neighborhood, works in oils. Whether creating a portrait, still life, or landscape she paints from life (a live model, actual arrangement or plein air) which she believes adds a sacred dimension to her work.  Lawson is a contemporary watercolor artist from Stark County. His work features bold colors and urban landscapes involving common, dynamic scenes taken from his extensive foreign and domestic travels with particular interest in New York City.


“I always want you to see something new when you stop in,” says gallery owner and artist, Zackary Hoon. “Our regular artists rotate work periodically and as pieces sell. And, every Third Friday we welcome two guest artists. Each guest artist is displayed for two Third Fridays. So, you will find completely new work every month. We have an opening wall and a closing wall. Each artist opens on one wall and closes on another, so the work is physically moving all the time. I think this adds a refreshing nature to the gallery. This is a place for new artists, for established artists new to showing in the Gordon Square Arts District, and where established artists can show more experimental work. Stop in and discover something new!”




1305 West 80th Street, Suite 109

Cleveland, Ohio 44102



Third Fridays: May 20, June 17, July 15, August 19

Works by Leslie Edwards-Humez, Diane Hoeptner, Zackary Hoon, Tricia Kaman, and Ted Lawson. Third Fridays 5-9pm.

Guest Artist Opening. Every Third Friday 5-9pm.