The Art of Sports, Lights, and Thread

HEDGE Gallery has moved into its new format of representing thirteen of Northeast Ohio’s prominent artists, many of whom will be part of the 2016 exhibition schedule.

HEDGE Gallery is also continuing to collaborate on projects with other galleries and artist groups. Selected as one of three locations for the project “Fandom 216”, HEDGE Gallery showcases the project from January 15 until February 12, 2016. Our collaborators in the exhibit are Waterloo Arts and Zygote Press.

“Fandom 216” will focus on The Art of Sports in Northeast Ohio, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl. Themes will examine the role sports narratives hold for our region, and many special events are planned to celebrate this exhibition, including a tailgating party and Super Bowl Party at Waterloo Arts.


Hedge-Love_Radioptician Light

This Holiday Season, the Gallery will feature Akron/Canton based artist, Ken Love’s, “Steampunk Light Fixtures.” Love’s lights are created from a variety of material, such as vintage typewriters and sewing machines, industrial gears and gaskets and even stiletto, high-heeled shoes. The lights are thoughtfully constructed from repurposed elements, and transformed into whimsical and functional fixtures. Steampunk Lights are “antiques with a personality.” They conjure memories and stories from the past with a sexy new twist on modern lighting. Love’s lights are always available at HEDGE Gallery, but he will be presenting his largest selection of lights for the Holidays, during Cleveland Bazaar December 11 and 12, and during the December 18 Third Friday Event.



On February 19, HEDGE Gallery will present its first textile inspired exhibit, “Thread” with works by Libby Chaney, Rebecca Cross and Jessica Pinsky. The three artists will fill the Gallery walls with their most recent projects, ranging from delicate wall hangings, large scale installations, and fiber themed mono prints. These three artists will merge their variety of techniques to create works that viewers can walk through and into, in hopes of solidifying the dialogue between viewer and textile. Fabric is not just for wearing or pulling over our heads in the freezing winter months; it is also a means to explore other art making processes through collage, dying, sewing, stitching and weaving.


List of Upcoming Events

Cleveland Bazaar: 10 am – 9 pm Saturday, December 11 1 and 10 am – 6 pm Sunday, December 12

Steampunk Light Show: 5 – 9 pm Friday, December 19

Fandom 216 (HEDGE Gallery location): opening reception 5 – 9 pm Friday, January 15

on view through February 12, 2016

Thread: opening reception 5 – 9 pm Friday February 19, on view through April 15, 2016


HEDGE Gallery

78th Street Studios, Suite 200

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Cleveland, Ohio 44102