Scott Goss: Incoherent Spaces at Maria Neil Art Project

maria-neil-Goss Another Place (1)

We can’t remember everything. Many things remain with us, almost forever, yet some things get lost, disappear, or are forgotten. As our memories begin to age, relics of our past, bits and pieces of what we once knew, endure as segments, small sections of our original memory, filled in by voids of space that are often confused, blurry, and indistinct.


By digging deep into the trenches of his own memories, multi-media artist Scott Goss recalls specific architectural details of places he’s been and structures he’s seen. They are recollections from childhood trips, or buildings he passed by while traveling by car. These memories are often incomplete. Incoherent Spaces seeks to complete the composition of these memories, using the architectural details Goss remembers and filling in the incomplete often-disjointed spaces with the patterning that clouds his subconscious. Also working in a painterly manner, Scott uses a variety of processes that include digital rendering, painting, drawing, silk-screening, sandblasting, and engraving. He approaches each sheet of transparent glass as an investigation of ways to manipulate the glass into rich, detailed imagery that is at once abstract and quite clear.


Scott Goss: Incoherent Spaces

September 4 through October 18


Maria Neil Art Project

15813 Waterloo Rd

Cleveland, OH 44110



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