5 Things You Don’t Know about Zygote Press…But Should

Zygote Press, Cleveland’s only nonprofit cooperative workspace for printmakers, promotes contemporary fine-art printmaking, advocates for the arts, and supports artists throughout the region and beyond. And while Zygote enjoys a certain amount of name recognition locally, we bet there a few things even you don’t know about us…yet.


  1. Ink House

No, we haven’t moved! Ink House is Zygote’s satellite location in the burgeoning Waterloo Arts District. A unique studio created to print fine art editions for artists from all disciplines, Ink House is poised to be the first green editioning house in the country.


  1. Twenty Years of Print

Yes, it’s true! Zygote is all grown up and will be celebrating its twentieth anniversary in 2016. What started in 1996 as a space for artists to share equipment, workspace, and a gallery has grown to include seven full and part time staff members, a comprehensive education program which includes our Press on Wheels mobile units, three residency programs, and a redoubled effort to advocate for artists and the arts in Northeast Ohio.


  1. Green Printing

After being introduced to various green printing methods over the years, Zygote decided this was the year to “go green”. We knew that if we wanted our shop to let go of the solvents and acids, we would have to find alternatives that guaranteed our artists the same flawless results. After consulting with experts, researching, and innovating, Zygote will be unveiling a cleaner, greener shop this September!


  1. Growth

Zygote’s overall programming has grown 400% since 2011. That growth comes with an increased commitment to support artists and the community through opportunity, exposure, and advocacy.


  1. Access, Inclusivity, and Identity

People disagree on what defines an “artist” and who can be called a “collector.” Zygote was founded on the principle of access, and so in our shop artists are scientists, teachers, hospital workers, entrepreneurs, retirees, activists, and working artists. Our collectors include everyone from students to the independently wealthy.


A society that invests in creative endeavors will thrive. As Cleveland experiences what is sure to be an unprecedented revival, opportunity within and exposure to the arts remains crucial. We believe that includes us. But more than anything, we believe that includes YOU.


Zygote Press

1410 East 30th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44114