Destination West: from Instagram to Advocacy

In “Squared Up,” curator Christopher Gray explores the current Instagram movement as an art form. Using mobile phones to create stark interpretations of common snapshot images, this exhibition takes photography beyond that which hangs on the wall to a place where it can engage a community of photographers around a common theme. In The Dianne Boldman Gallery. July 10 through July 31

BAYarts Honors Cleveland’s Art Ambassador Extraordinaire: Liz Maugans

Liz Maugans has many facets: as an artist, she’s prolific in solo exhibitions as well as collaborations, and has been the recipient of countless honors and art prizes. As director of Zygote Press and its satellite InkHouse, she’s helping to bring new energy to one of Cleveland’s upcoming neighborhoods. As a teacher, she mentors the aspiring and inspires the established. As a connector, she is founder of the Collective Arts Network and this very journal you are reading. All of which is reason enough to honor her. But what stands out and is closest to her heart and our community is Liz the (tireless) arts advocate: speaking out for the rights of artists, engaging with community leaders to develop outreach and events, asking the right questions, and creating tangible answers through projects like Fluxus and Rooms to Let. It is hard to imagine someone in the greater Cleveland arts community who has not crossed paths with Liz on some level whether its an artist, a student, a savvy politician or a forward thinking business owner, she does it in a “can do” and positive way that inspires even the most cynical into believing anything is possible. And with Liz, it is.BAYarts-liz maugans bayarts summer 2015

Please join us on September 12th for BAYarts Annual Moondance Benefit as we honor Liz for her personal and professional achievements. Come show her the love! No speeches, no hands out, just the great big party this girl deserves. Live music, local eateries, open bars and bonfires, under the stars on BAYarts campus. Tickets on sale August 1 at

28795 Lake Road
Bay Village, Ohio 44140


Mary Deutschman Paintings and Farm to Table: A Celebration in Art: June 5 – July 3

Opening Reception 7 – 9 pm June 5 BAYarts Galleries

Annual Art & Music Festival featuring 80 artists, Rey Citron’s “Rice & Beans” band. 10 am – 4 pm June 13

BAYarts Farm & Art Market, Thursdays, 5-8 pm through Fall

Crazy Chester, free outdoor concert, 7 – 9pm June 21

BAYarts Stage

Milan Kecman: Head 2 Head and Squared up, Instagram photos curated by Christopher Gray: July 10 – 31

Opening Reception 7 – 9 pm July 10 with Secondhand Dogs

New Barlycorn; free outdoor concert 7 – 9 pm July 19

BAYarts Stage

Brittany Reilly Band; free outdoor concert 7 -9 August 2

Dawn Tekler: Blue Carbon and Marge Gulley: Unscene Cleveland August 7

Opening Reception 7 – 9, with Boogie Woogie Kid on stage

Moko Bovo, free outdoor concert 7 – 9 August 16

Moondance: Annual benefit; honoring Liz Maugans, September 12

Cats on Holiday, Leo Coach, 12 restaurants, open bars

Tickets on sale August 1 at