Cleveland by Choice: ArtSpace Cleveland interviews Dan LaGuardia

ArtSpace Cleveland: Why Cleveland?

Dan LaGuardia: I have lived in Cleveland my whole life. As I got closer to finishing school, my business partner Amanda Sinkey and I realized we were going to need a place other than our homes to work in order to conduct a successful photography business. We decided to find a studio where we could house multiple artists, not only as a way to generate income, but as a means to form a creative support group.

ASC: And how did you launch Lake Affect Studios?

DL: After looking at multiple buildings, we found one in the Campus District at 1615 East 25th Street that we couldn’t say ‘no’ to. The building fit our needs for the studios we wanted to develop. With many artist studios thriving nearby, CSU’s dedication to upgrading the area and access to four major highways, there wasn’t much to think about when it came to wondering if the Superior Arts District was right for us. We are excited to be a part of the St. Clair/Superior creative community.

ASC: How can artists take a look at the space?

DL: Contact me by e-mailing or on Facebook to arrange a tour of the building.




1400 East 30th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44114


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