Maybe no two words have more in common while meaning completely different things than “art” and “design.”  Artists and designers share many of the same technical skills. Both are likely adept at using color, drawing, manipulating materials, and maybe even using a sharp knife.  Trained artists and designers may take many of the same classes to learn their trade, and […]

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Connect + Intersect: How One Design Company Works with Cleveland Artists and Bridges the Gap between Art and Design

Modern style office hospital waiting room reception

Several Cleveland gallery artists have licensed their work for adaptation as wall covering designs.  While the worlds of design and fine art connect and intersect in a multitude of ways, the process of working together often raises questions that highlight the differences between those worlds. This is the story of how one local design firm brings them together.   If […]

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Arnold Tunstall: Movin’ On Up

Arnold Tunstall recently accepted the position of Director of the University Galleries at the University of Akron.  His appointment comes and the end of a 25-year career at the Akron Art Museum where he served in multiple roles, most recently as Collections Manager since 2008.   Lauren Hansgen: So you’ve been at the Akron Art Museum for your entire career… […]

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Outsider: The loss and lost work of Dwayne Pigee (1974 – 2016)

  Humans are complicated, flawed, and nuanced beings. Artists are no exception, and oftentimes  personal struggles, even mental illnesses, are central to our fascination with them and their creations. We make sense out of the world through narratives, and artists are our cultural alchemists, transforming emotion and thought into physical form, which are beautiful, and often emotionally evocative. To know […]

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A VISION OF HEALING AND PEACE: With a gallery renamed in her honor, former art program director Trudy Wiesenberger reflects on building the University Hospitals collection


The Trudy Wiesenberger Gallery at University Hospitals may be the busiest gallery you’ve never heard of. Curator Thomas Huck says 300 to 400 people pass through every hour of every day, with greater numbers at lunch, as as patients, their families, doctors, nurses and other staff make their way between Lerner Tower, Lakeside Hospital, Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, and […]

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Dexter Davis: A Portrait

Adams-Dexter-Davis-New Birth 1

In the months just after I started work at the Cleveland Museum, I struck up a friendship with one of the guards who was always impeccably well-groomed and well-dressed and always had something interesting to say.  He seemed both gentle and genteel—someone with whom one might comfortably have a drink at a neighborhood coffee house.  Only later did I discover […]

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The City Life: John “Derf” Backderf talks about his his early comic strip days in Cleveland, and a new Web comic


Derf found his cartoon voice circa 1990 in the Cleveland Edition with The City, a gravelly mash of Rust Belt angst, vulgarity, vunerability and glee. He went on to draw/write the critically acclaimed My Friend Dahmer and Trashed. Sort of the Josephine Baker of the comic book world, he’s really big in France and Belgium, where he travels four times […]

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