Edward E. Parker Museum of Art

Sculpture by Edward E. Parker


The Gift of Art

Cleveland-based artists Walter Allen Rogers Jr. and Chester Hopkins-Bey recently hosted a two-day pop-up shop in the courtyard adjacent to the museum. They put the word out on social media, hoping to attract the attention of local art collectors. A group of local artists gathered, set up tables, and displayed their work for sale. The weather was agreeable, and several people came out in support of the event. As a result of the positive feedback, pop-up shops will be considered for inclusion in the upcoming programming schedule at the Creative Arts Complex.

Sculpture by Edward E. Parker


Members of the Sheroes organization are remarkable women who provide skills training and resources to thousands of women and girls around the world. By sharing access to their experiences and insight, Sheroes are positive role models who inspire girls to become the world’s future leaders and entrepreneurs. The founders of the Cleveland Chapter support Art for Social Transformation, in line with founders of the sisterhood in Accra, Ghana, who celebrate the beauty and resilience of Black women. The group recently held a retreat and their initiation ceremony at the Creative Arts Complex. The facility will be used to host their future events. Contact information for the group is available.


Shinn House Exhibitions

The exhibits at Shinn House will be returning this holiday season. Shinn House is located at Mt. Zion Congregational Church, 10723 Magnolia Drive. Rev. Paul Sadler is Senior Pastor, Edward Parker is the art gallery curator. During the exhibits, the works of three artists are showcased and remain on display for six to eight weeks. Food is available for purchase at the forums, and dessert is free. We are still seeking artists to exhibit at Shinn House, so contact us if you are interested in this opportunity and would like to share your portfolio.

Artist Speak forum/lecture series

The Sunday following the closing show at Shinn House, Artist Speak is held at EEPMOA; this lecture series is designed to foster open dialogue between exhibiting artists and the art enthusiasts. The forum features a Q&A session, as attendees are encouraged to ask questions that generate thoughtful discussion. The artists provide details about their inspiration, process, body of work, and technique.

Sofar Sounds Concert

Sofar Sounds is a global music community founded in 2009 in the UK. They have connected artists and audiences through live music performances in over 400 cities worldwide. Everyday spaces become intimate venues for secret, immersiveconcerts. The concerts are small and typically feature three diverse acts, with no headliner.

Tickets are priced at $20 or less, and ticket holders are provided the address to the concert venue 36 hours before the show. Members of the audience have no idea who the acts will be, until they take the mic. Followers of Sofar concerts are familiar with the set-up and enjoy being pleasantly surprised when the artists take the stage. The museum has been selected to host an upcoming concert, which is scheduled for the latter part of November. Check the office for updates. To view previous Sofar concerts, go to sofarsounds.com/videos.

Free art classes

We are looking to increase attendance in our bi-weekly art classes. We invite all artists—aspiring and established—to join us from 6 to 8 pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in our lower-level studio. Classes are free for seniors, and all skills levels are welcome. Students are currently sculpting, working with watercolor and India ink; however, all mediums are welcome.

Business hours

The museum is open from 10 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday. If you plan to visit, don’t forget to check out the museum bookstore—The African Bookshelf. There are a variety of sculptures, masks, greeting cards and books available. If you would like to plan a visit outside of normal business hours, give Mr. Parker a call to arrange a time.


We always welcome the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people and organizations. If you have an idea or would like to participate in a mutually-beneficial partnership, let us know. As we always say, “Think art for social development.” For schedule updates, or details related to any programs or events, please contact the museum office.

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