Framed Gallery Fall Shows: Tiffani Glenn and Buchi Upjohn

Works of Tiffani Glenn

Tiffani Glenn: Rise to the Occasion: women empowered

Tiffani Glenn draws upon her own worldview as a woman, and her formal education in media arts and animation to generate a body of works filled with energy and range. Today, Glenn finds solace in painting images viewers often find profoundly familiar. Reflections of oneself on canvas with a distinctive and whimsical point of view.

Using vibrant colors to set the tone and tenor of her canvases, Glenn paints mostly Black women overcoming adversity exuding self-love, acceptance, confidence and empowerment in each artistic work. Still, her mission is to develop bodacious images that come across as proud and inspiring while embracing an individual diversity and difference.

Using oil paints, Glenn has developed a personal panache for blending colors to convey depth and context. Likewise, she effectively finds her personal voice within the modality to forge an artistic expression that inspires, invigorates, and frees the human spirit.

Glenn, a native of Tampa, Florida, earned a BFA from the Art Institute of Tampa

Buchi Upjohn

Buchi Upjohn

A native of West Africa, Buchi Upjohn started working on his degree program at age fifteen and received a BA in fine and applied arts at the University of Nigeria in 1986. He then worked for a year in an advertising firm in Nigeria.

Always open to travel, Upjohn moved to England where he realized he could pursue painting full time. The response he received was so encouraging that he and an illustrator friend opened an art studio in London. Open to new experiences, Upjohn moved to the United States. He spent a few years in New York, New Jersey, and Delaware before he moved to Georgia where he now resides. Renowned artist Buchi Upjohn Aghaji expresses his art through a variety of media including oil, watercolor and acrylic on canvas, burlap, paper, metal and wood.

Upjohn believes that one’s artistic creations cannot be separated from his experiences; therefore, he reaches deep into his cultural and spiritual experiences to come up with images that truly engage the viewer. The feelings evoked by his work can only be described as exhilarating.

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