Art Books Cleveland, at Beachwood Community Arts Center

Phyllis Brody, Tool Book, mixed media artist book from the Art Books Cleveland exhibition at Beachwood Community Art Center

Art Books Cleveland will present a unique exhibit at the Beachwood Community Art Center from April 29 through May 26. The exhibit will include an artists’ reception from 6:00 to 8:00pm on May 6. This exhibit will introduce the public to the numerous forms, materials, and themes employed by contemporary book artists. In addition, it will place the book artist community within the larger arena of current art making. While each member of Art Books Cleveland makes books by hand, many of these book artists also create in other media such as painting, sculpture, textiles, and printmaking. Each artist will display original handmade books, and many will also exhibit other works they have created since the inception of Art Books Cleveland fifteen years ago. The exhibit will afford a rare opportunity to see the multifaceted elements of book arts and the way artists incorporate other media into the process.

Bette Bonder, Pennsylvania Turnpike Collage

Adding to the exhibit’s activities, on May 15 from 1 to 3 pm the group will present Watch Art. Art Books Cleveland members will display samples of their work during this two-hour event and demonstrate and discuss their process. There will be some hands-on activities for attendees to give them a feel for the work. This event has been a favorite at past venues, as it gives the artists an opportunity to talk to viewers and the participants an opportunity to observe works in progress and ask questions of the artists. Each artist has a unique approach to bookmaking and the event demonstrates the wide range of bookmaking practices in contemporary book arts. Featured artists will discuss how books are made, hand lettering in hand-made books, folded and cut book sculpture, collage for everyone, and woodcut and watercolor printmaking. The exhibit will be open during the Watch Art event so that viewers may see works in progress, as well as finished works of art.

Phyllis Brody, Artist Book

Art Books Cleveland was founded in 2007 to encourage interested artists to explore, share, and teach both contemporary and traditional artistic practices using the book as the springboard for exploration. The group has expanded during the past fifteen to include practicing bookbinders, lettering artists, printmakers, and those artists who wish to experiment in a new medium. New members are always welcome.


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