A Shout-out from Art House to Volunteers

Volunteers prepare art kits for distribution in June.

Many words have been used to describe 2020: unprecedented, challenging, tough, exhausting, uncertain, disorienting, depressing, stressful—the list goes on, but I want to use the rest of my allotted word count to talk about something else.

Unsolicited, volunteers contacted Art House offering to help in any way that they could. Some were strangers or former interns: others, our teaching artists. They were instrumental in helping us to reach our 2020 goals: art kit distributions, letters, hybrid events, online auctions, etc. Art House is not unique in this experience.

Board members stepped up to respond to different crises and to provide staff with extra support as needed. These individuals are busy people, most of whom have demanding careers—oh, and lives of their own. Yet, they have volunteered to make a serious commitment because they believe in the organization’s mission.

Staff hung in through the uncertainty and, at times, through extra demands due to COVID-19. They, too, stepped up, moved into shifting roles, and took on more. Everybody knows it’s not the hefty paycheck that motivates them.

So, to every one of you who fits this bill: your time, talent, and passion do so much to ensure that Cleveland’s arts organizations thrive. Thank You!