Kaiser Gallery Brings Dedication to the Visual Arts and Artisan Cocktails to Tremont

Work by Cleveland native Morgan Bukovec
(above) is featured in Domestic Lands, the first exhibit at Kaiser Gallery.

Kaiser Gallery (KaiserGallery.com) is a contemporary gallery and lounge scheduled to open this fall in the heart of Tremont. In this format, Kaiser Gallery combines a dedication to the visual arts with artisan cocktail pairings to create a unique atmosphere that can readily bring innovative art exhibitions to new audiences, while still serving artists in their artistic endeavors. Owner Tanya Kaiser is pleased to provide this immersive experience to Cleveland. Tanya received her MFA in Studio Art from Stony Brook University and is the former event and media director of the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association in Huntington, New York. During her tenure at the museum, she introduced and curated a series of art exhibitions and artist talks featuring local artists.

As an artist-run space, Kaiser Gallery seeks to reinvent the current gallery model by restructuring it into a sustainable artist-friendly model. One way this will be achieved is through the removal of submission fees. Public programming is planned around exhibitions and provides artists opportunities for thoughtful community engagement through lectures, performances or demonstrations. Through inclusive programming, Kaiser Gallery supports, promotes, and encourages artists of all mediums and in all stages of their careers to apply. The gallery strives to make a positive community impact by working with exhibiting artists to develop quality, accessible, art-based experiences for the public.

Kaiser Gallery’s first exhibition, DomesticLands, explores the childhood home as it relates to family relationships, childhood memories and feelings of dysphoria. For some, the thought of home evokes nurturing memories that offer safety and warmth. However, for others, the home can represent pain, where a moment of trauma is forever encased in time. Home can be a physical location associated with the material, or it can be defined within one’s self. This cultivation of objects and relationships determines who we are—presented in the works of Cleveland native Morgan Bukovec, Gary Sczerbaniewicz of Buffalo, New York, and Allison M. Walters of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Kaiser Gallery

2418 Professor Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44113